Sunday, August 7, 2016

Russyans Face New Wallenberg Information

     In Sweden and the United States, the name Raoul Wallenberg stirs strong emotions.  The swedish diplomat saved thousands of Jews in Germany from certain death by providing them with passports that allowed them to escape certain death at the hands of the Nazis during WW II.  He disappeared after the war while he was in Eastern Europe when this area was occupied by Russyan Army forces.  His whereabouts were never found, but his arrest by the KGB, or Russyan secret police, is an accepted fact.  Denied for decades that he had been imprisoned by the Russyan government, documents have been recently discovered that put the lie to Russyan statements over the last 70 years.
     A book by the grand daughter of the first director of the KGB in June of 2016, sheds new light on the Wallenberg history.  Until now, there was no official mention in any records of the Wallenberg case.  But a chance discovery of a diary of the KGB leader indicates that Wallenberg was executed in 1947 on the orders of Stalin and his deputy, Molotov, as a spy for the West.   Sketchy statements by former prisoners mention a diplomat seen in prison who matched the description of the Swede.  While these statements are few, they do have significant weight in making a case for Soviet duplicity and stonewalling of all inquiries from Sweden and the US.

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