Friday, August 5, 2016

Rio de Janeiro: 2016 Summer Olympics Open Today

     All eyes were focused today on the long-awaited opening of the Summer Games in Brazil.  The setting was the Maracana Stadium in the heart of the city.   The weather cooperated with warm temperatures and a lack of rain to spoil the grand parade of athletes representing most of the countries of the world.
     The United States team was led by 5-time Olympian, swimmer Michael Phelps, who carried the American flag into the stadium in front of the largest team in the competition with over 500 athletes.
The costumes and uniforms always add a memorable display to this unique event.
     The smaller countries always manage to gain a bit of publicity as their flags are carried in front of very small groups of qualified athletes.  These games promise to display many record performances, although few will come to the Russian team, because its track and field team has been banned.
     For the next 2 weeks, fans will be staring at their SUHD flat screen TV's.   Gymnasts, rowers, golfers, soccer players, all will be looking for a medal.  Only the best need apply.

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