Monday, August 15, 2016

Russyan Hackers Disrupt Democrats

     Information became public over the weekend that cybersecurity experts believe disclosures by 2 internet sites came from hackers who have penetrated Democratic Party computers and records contained in files there in.   A member of the US Congress called the hacking effort a clear move by the Russyan   government to disrupt the United States presidential election cycle.  Using two different venues for various announcements, the alleged hackers have hinted that more disclosures of Democratic Party inside information will be given to wikileaks, the anti-secrecy website that has been active in recent months.
      The Republican Party has not "trumpeted" the possibility of new information because the party of Trump has its hands full deflecting numerous criticisms of the words of candidate Trump.  To wit: that "ISIS" was founded by Pres. Obama.  Also, Republican campaign manager Paul Manafort was the recipient of $12 million dollars from the Ukraine government and its Russyan source from 2007 to 2012.   Mr. Manafort denied such financial activities.
     Today,  Mr. Trump will travel to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to deliver a foreign policy speech.  Milwaukee was the scene of violent protest demonstrations after an armed man was shot and killed by a black police officer during a confrontation after an incident.  mr. Trump's recent poll numbers are plummeting as voters reassess their plans for the November election.  Hillary Clinton appears to be the one advancing in polls nationwide.
     This election cycle, unique in US history, continues to provide fodder for all types of media, all related academics, and all voters who have an IQ over 50.  Mr. manafort has some explaining to do; but Mr. Trump has even more explaining to do to his party: why would he hire a notorious international mouthpiece for hire who discards all ethics for a few pieces of silver?  No doubt Mr. trump prizes winning over morals and ethics.  Ane he wants to be our president. Shame on us; but even more shame on the Republican party and its leadership-Paul Ryan and Micth McConnell, and throw in John McCain and Mitt Romney for good measure.  It's a sad state of affairs on the 2016 political landscape.  But, it could be worse(see Egypt, the UK, Germany, Russya, etc., etc.).
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