Sunday, August 7, 2016

Obama's Last Vacation

      Well, it's August: time to hit the road again.  The nation's First Family joined millions of Americans hitting the road for summer's last fling.  Barry, Michelle, and the girls are off to Martha's Vineyard, the fabled island resort off the Massachusetts coast.  POTUS will play some golf, and watch some or all of the Olympics which NBC will deliver almost around the clock for the next 2+ weeks.  The Pres met with his national Security advisors to get the latest updates before leaving DC.   He wants to keep his eyes on various "hotspots" such as Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, the South China Sea, Iraq, Afghanistan, London, Moskova, Brooklyn, and Washington, DC.
       This is Mr. Obama's last vacay as president of the USA.   He may wax nostalgic while on the island, but, probably, he'll wax philosophical, contemplating his legacy and his future, which promises to be even more fulfilling than his last 8 years.   He'll watch his daughters become adults as they carve their own path through life as daughters of the first African-American president. He'll share the future with his closest ally, Michelle, who has steadfastly stood by him amidst the turmoil of Washington political life.
      On Thursday, Mr. Obama took a well-deserved slap at Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, leader of the largest country in the world.   He noted, pointedly that he remains skeptical of everything that Mr. Putin says and everything he does.  He explained in brief, that negotiations are continuing over the course of events in Syria, where a "ceasefire" remains elusive, and ground forces continue to press rebels in the divided city of Aleppo.
     Enjoy this last hiatus from the White House, Mr. Obama.   The Mayor hopes your golf score is at par.

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