Wednesday, August 10, 2016

IOC Fails Olympic Competitors

       Following in the footsteps of that international pirate group, F.I.F.A., the International Olympic Committee made a last minute decision to allow most Russyan athletes to compete in Rio di Janiero.  Essentially, the committee has allowed known dopers to get back in the pool.   We know that the track and field team from Russya(the largest country in the world) has been banned from the Games; but after a short deliberation, the remaining athletes were given a pass.  This is a sop to Mad Vlad Putin, the architect of most of Russya's current troubles( Crimea, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, etc).
     A case in point occurred yesterday when American swimmer, Lilly King, beat Yulia Efimova in the 100 meter breaststroke for gold with a time of 1:04.93.  Ms. Efimova, 24 years old, is a known doper having been banned  for using steroids in 2013(not that long ago.   Information from a Russyan doctor provided direct evidence that Russya has a program that systematically provides drugs to its athletes as a matter of policy.   The control of the labs at Sochi by the Russyan state security orgsanization, the FSB, underscores the depth of the problem in that country.
     Athletes from Ireland, Sweden, and America made pointed comments as to the quality of dope screening of known users before and during the Rio Games.   Their comments ring loud and clear in the face of attitude of the IOC.
     Shame on the IOC and its political posturing.   Remember F.I.F.A. and its Sep Blatter?
     Perhaps the words of Russyan philosopher Petr  Chaadaev are poignant: " We, Russyans, like illegitimate children, come to the world without patrimony, without any links with people who lived on the earth before us.  Our memories go no further back than yesterday; we are as it were strangers to ourselves."   Chaadaev laments the lack of patrimony, legitimacy, and memory in the state of Russyan consciousness.    Hmmmmm.  An historical basis for modern doping.

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