Sunday, August 14, 2016

Minister In Rio: Keeps Moving

Ordem E Progresso
       Well, of course our minister is shaking hands with athletes.  While enroute to one of the events, our indefatigable Minister recognized a young athlete who was a member of the USA Olympic team: a member of the table tennis contingent.  Kanak Jha, 16 years old, was with his brother and parents on their way to a volleyball match.  Our Minister introduced himself and surprised the lad with his being recognized by a fellow American(and fellow Californian).  Kanak is the first American Olympian born in the new millennium,  June 16, 2000.  He was born in Milpitas, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley(next to San Jose).   He began playing at a young and tender age, and by the time he was 9, yes, 9 years old, he was winning competitions.   In the next few years his skills advanced as he grew more confident and grew in physical stature and strength.  Soon, he was an international player as a member of the US National Men's team, traveling around the world.  He's a great story and has been featured in the San Jose Mercury News, USA Today, and the New York Times.
      Our Minister explained the beauty of Tahoma and has invited him and his family to visit our mountain town.

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