Friday, August 5, 2016

Convention in Philly Ends: Dems Hit the Road

     Thankfully, the Democratic Love-In in Philly has ended.   Hillary Clinton crowned as the Party's nominee.  Her speech, billed as the most important of her long career, did not disappoint too many viewers.   her main detractors came from the RNC and its minions.  As expected.
     With three months to go, the campaign(s) have an end in sight.  President Obama can pick his spots to assist Hillary during this phase, and lend his considerable support.  Darn Old Trump, the RNC nominee, will continue to tweet his way to November, revealing his gross incompetence as only he can.
     Watching parts of the Dem convention illustrated the vast differences between the two parties: one the party of inclusion, the other, the party of something else: the party of Lost Way and Confusion.   How could a party nominate (pick one) a) an inexperienced blowhard, b) a clown, c) a dangerous demagogue, d) a TV reality show host, e) a corrupt businessman, and f) a man out of touch with reality.

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