Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turkey and Erdogan

     President Ryycip Erdogan of Turkey seems to have survived a coup attempt by military forces.  Tow nights ago, Army units closed the bridge that crosses the Bosporus to the Asian side of Istanbul.  Then, in various forms in various places, a small group of Army personnel attempted to take over the government.  Pres. Erdogan was in Ankara, then he wasn't.  He appeared on social media asking citizens to take to the streets in support of democracy, which they did.  A group took back the bridge from the military unit of young Turk soldiers, who were beaten by this group, but not killed.
     Information is still scarce, and hardly reliable.  Some deathes have been reported, and many arrests have been made of upper echelon military leaders, again.
More to follow.

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