Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nevada Land Grab

     The Black Rock Desert site has become world renowned as the site of Burning Man.  Its remote location has been the subject of endless speculation.  Recently, it has come to light that some heavy hitters have taken interest in some surrounding property.  It has been speculated that a 4000 acre ranch nearby has sold for $6.5 millions to some notable names.   The Burning Man Foundation named as buyer.  Originally, the rancher was asking $40 million for the property.  He got smart, and took the $6.5 millions.   Your first offer is usually your best offer.
      Now what would the foundation be doing in the middle of the desert?  Camping?  Raising sheep? Distilling cheap vodka?  How about a space port?  Possibilities are endless when your income is endless.  The foundation has had its eye on the Fly Ranch for many years.   It actually was the sight of the Burning Man event in 1997.   There's water there(hot springs,too).  It could become a permanent art installation for memorable art pieces created by some of the many artists involved with Burning Man.   Check out the Fly ranch web site.     So, you see, anything is possible.
More later.

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