Friday, July 29, 2016

Local Situation at Meeks Bay Harbor

      The boat ramp at Meeks bay Resort is again closed this season with chains blocking the concrete portion and a deep ditch has been cut to prevent trailers from backing down to the water.  It's a sad state of affairs as campers must now go to Obeyers and pay the freight.  It seems that USFS and the Bistate Authority has taken water runoff sample analyses to heart and the runoff from the immediate surrounding area contains ample chemicals that end up in the lake.   Why?  Nobody seems to have an answer.  Is it the campground itself acting as a collector?  Is it the boats launched?   Is it upstream runoff from Meeks Creek and Desolation Wilderness?
      The Washoe Tribe has been unable or unwilling to fund the data collection that could provide the answers.  No doubt the tribe is content to absorb the loss of launch fees.   A noticeable drop in boating activities has marked the Meeks bay experience.   Maybe if this winter is again close to the average snowfall, the problem will be resolved.  maybe.
General Creek
     The Mayor took a stroll around the General Creek /Tahoe merge and noticed a very low flow.  Seems just a few years ago, in July, a kayaker could paddle a few  hundred yards up the creek, exploring the natural environment and the beautiful scenery.  Maybe next year.

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