Sunday, July 17, 2016

Free Land Giveaway in Russya

    That's right: the apparatchiks in Kremlin have authorized a free parcel of land to any citizen who moves to far eastern Russya near Vladivostok and invests in basic development there.  Size : 1 hectare or about 2 1/2 acres in British measure.  However, if officials don't like your efforts, they can reclaim the land with improvements after 5 years.
     So, 30 year old Mikhail moves with his wife and 2 kids  4000 miles to the Pacific Coast of Russya, near China now, and one can probably see Japan and maybe Alaska/Aleutians.  He builds a house, plants a garden(seasonal), gets a job in a fish processing factory or whatever.  Then, 5 years later, Boris from Moskova comes knocking and says the State deems your efforts unacceptable and you have 30 days to move out and move on.  Hmmmm. What about the title and everything?  'Doesn't matter,' says Boris from Moskova.  You knew that going in.  Too bad for you, Mikhail.
   Ahhh, Russya.  Gotta love it(largest country in world).

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  1. Would Boris accept a bag full of rubles to forget the whole thing?