Monday, July 4, 2016

Rats Off a Sinking Ship

     Ahhhhh, Great Britain.  The turmoil continues as another Brexit leader resigns.  That would be Nigel Farage, one of the leaders of the movement to leave the European Union after almost 40 years.  He follows that weak link, Boris Johnson, he of unruly "Trump" hair, and the quip a minute personality.  He didn't want the spotlight anymore, either.  Too direct. Too intense.  He liked the limelight while the issue was still under discussion.  But now, the die is cast; David Cameron has said he will reign in October of this year.
     Who wants to be Prime Minister?  NObody?  Theresa May?  She seems like a likely candidate.  A no nonsense leader of the Foreign Office(State) Dept.  A geographer by training, she knows the world.  She has experience and she appears to be ready to lead a rudderless ship of state.  She will be the best antidote to the confusing circumstances that has rendered the Continent into a disorderly mess.
     Good luck, Ms. May. 

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