Monday, July 4, 2016

RIO: the Clock is Ticking

    The count down to the Olympic games has begun, and Brazil is careening toward the start.  Running out of money, the state of Rio is pleading with Brasilia to send money, and fast.  Much is left to be done before the opening ceremony, a month away.
     Athletes have already begun arriving in Brazil, but not at the official village site.  Some wish to acclimatize to conditions on the ground during the Brazil winter which began 2 weeks ago.  The Zika virus scare has been leavened by cooler temperatures that accompany winter, and health warnings have been appropriately advanced to all countries.
      Our Minister of Latin American Affairs is in Rio this weekend to observe the final preparations for the Games.  He is also buying some more tickets to get seats for his favorite events.  Good luck.  I'm sure he'll have good stories to tell as the games get underway.
More to follow as he reports to Tahoma.

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