Friday, July 29, 2016

Tahoma and PDQ: Bromance Over?

      The Mayor has it on good authority that our local grocery store is in line for an ownership change.  The current lease is due to expire in less than 2 years.  The local owners are ready to retire.  Who will step in?   How about Raleys'?   The mega-shopping store, whose closest outlet is south on Highway 89 at the wye at South Lake where Highway 50 crosses Highway 89 near Myers and the airport.
     Raleys' reps explained to our local real estate source that the company is now wishing to expand beyond the mega store location and move into smaller communities as a vehicle to drive expansion and improvement of returns on investment.   This is a good thing for the community of Tahoma.  Who wants to drive to Obeyers or to Tahoe City for a quart of milk?  Who wants to risk a drive to South Lake in January for a doctor's appointment when the black ice is waiting at every hairpin turn? Everybody depends on the local grocery provider.  This information will be monitored and updated as more is learned.  Stay tuned.

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