Friday, July 29, 2016

RIO Olympics: Housing Issues

Tahoma's Olympic Flag Monument at Sugar Pine Park: 1960 Winter Games:Who's Missing?

      Well, athletes are arriving in the Rio village created for participants.  Some rooms are not yet finished.  Oh, well.  The games don't start for another week.  Where are the Russyans?  Nobody knows or they aren't talking.  The I.O.C. passed up on the opportunity to teach the Krmlinistas a lesson: Mr. Bach has allowed certain Russyan athletes to compete If.  IF. If they can prove that they have been drug free for two years.  Hmmmm.  Not much time left before the start of competition.  Will this be an incentive or a hindrance to participation of any Russyan athletes.  Only time will tell.  The I.O.C. made itself a raft of problems as there certainly be difficulties analyzing drug test results.  But, maybe he knew that, and he felt that this covered all the bases.
      When we see the roster of Russyans, we will know what's up with the I.O. C. plan.

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