Sunday, June 12, 2016

Warriors: 1 Win from Championship

       The Warriors came out firing Friday night and rocked the Cavs and LaBron James.  Taking charge early, it was not the same team that suffered a humbling loss the game before by 30 points.  With Klay Thompson and Steph Curry leading the way, the Warriors added defense to their game and the Cavs could not overcome the Golden State club.
     The Warriors set a record for 3-point baskets, hitting 17 for 51 points of their total.  It is extremely hard for an opponent to rebound psychologically to this torrent of scoring as basket after basket hammers away at your efforts that come up short. 
     Monday night's game will be at Oracle Arena in Oakland where the Warriors are extremely hard to beat.  The Cavs will be trying every trick they know.   Warrior Draymond Green was suspended for 1 game for the fracas with Labron James at the end of regulation on Friday night.  He had been accumulating fouls and warnings and this contact brought on the suspension.  A key player in the warrior game plan, his absence will be felt across the lineup.  Coach Steve Kerr will do some pregame planning to account for this come Monday night.
Go Warriors.

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