Monday, June 27, 2016

UEFA: Italy bests Spain; England Sent Home by a Smaller Island

     In a much anticipated meeting between two European power players, the Azzurri of the "Boot", played with inspiration, grace, and determination to overcome an aggressive, fast-moving band of Spanish brothers who had their eyes on a chance to compete in the final match of UEFA 2016.
     No, didn't happen as the Spaniards hoped.  The Italian side dominated play and put two shots into the back of the net, clinching another game in the semi-finals next week.
      The Italians looked good from the onset, driving the ball forward with speed and grace, seeking the goal mouth as if driven by a higher power.  They needed a win; they wanted a win; and they closed out the match as winners.  They move on.   Well done.
     England V. Iceland
     The upset of the day occurred somewhere else.  In the contest between two islands, the little upstart put the hurt on the big guy.  David v. Goliath.  Child v. Adult.  Veteran v. Novice.  Skilled v. Pretender.  In the end, England was sent home by Iceland.   So now, with Brexit, the English have been humbled, again.  The coach resigned, terribly embarrassed.  Mr. Rooney, shaking his head, walked off the pitch trying to figure out what happened.   No doubt the recent vote to 'exit' the EU thought it carried on to football-why play like a member of the EU if we are no longer members.  Hmmmmm.   Next time.

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