Thursday, June 9, 2016

Obama Greets Bernie Sanders at White House

      It had to happen:  Pres. Obama invites Sen.  Sanders to a private meeting at the White House.  This comes on the heels of Sen. Clinton's primary victories in 5 of Tuesday's elections.  The President evidently told Bernie that: 1) you ran a great campaign, 2) you forced the DNP to rethink their positions on about everything, 3) you singlehandedly rallied the under 30 voters to get out and vote, 4) you proved that a 74 year old politician can be vigorous and hardy on the campaign trail, giving hope to millions of seniors who want to enter politics.
     After the meeting, President Obama announce that he will hit the campaign trail with and on behalf of Hillary Clinton.  This will mark the first time in 100 years that a sitting president actively campaigned alongside a candidate in support.  It is a strategic move that will enhance the presumed Democratic party candidate, and send a message to Mr. Trump and his Republicans that it will be an uphill climb to win the White House come November.
     Now we get the spectacle of the selection of a running mate.  Who would attach themselves to Mr. Trump?  Chris Christie comes to mind, but he's already been tapped to be the transition team leader.  Maybe Mr. Trump's new friend, John McCain?  NO, not really.  Maybe he can shake an old governor out of a minor state somewhere.  Maybe Bobby Jindal.  Maybe Jeb Bush. Jeb who?  

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