Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Brown For Hillary Billary

         California's 3 term Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, came out yesterday is support of presumed party candidate Hillary Clinton.  He called for democrats to lock in their support for mrs. Clinton and for supporters of Bernie Sanders to come into the fold.   The last big primary contest in California is 1 week away, June 7th.
      At the same time, Mr. Brown took aim at presumed Republican Party candidate, Darn Old Trump, calling his statements ridiculous on their face.  He mentioned statements Trump has made regarding sending back 11 million illegal immigrants; the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act; and building a border wall along the Mexican border.
      Sen. Barbara Boxer also came out against Trump in support of Mrs. Clinton.  She called Mr. Trump a disaster for the country.
     Meanwhile, on the Trump front, billionaire Sheldon Addison made statements to the effect that he will form a super PAC that will support Mr. Trump in the general election in November.  In an apparent show of support for the controversial Trump, Mr. Adelson's support indicates a change in sympathy among Republican donors.
      Things will get interesting between now and November.  Stay tuned.

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