Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mr. Putin: Meet Harry S. Truman

      Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has probably never heard of the Man From Missouri.  But, maybe he has.  If he hasn't been aware before, he's aware now.  The U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, has steamed through the Suez Canal and is setting up for operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Her complement of 75 fighter/bombers will conduct missions in support of rebel forces that oppose the al Assad regime in Syria, that regime that somehow Mr. Putin seems is worth preserving.  It can't be that it is because the Russyan Navy needs a refueling stop in the Levant because the Russyans could refuel in.....(pick a country-Turkey, Greece(needs $$$$), Egypt(needs money), Albania(needs money).
    There's also Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Malta.  The beaches of Malta are nice.  There's also Cyprus and Crete.  And Sicily, too.  The Italian business climate is such that anything asked for will be provided.
     The Harry S. Truman and her crew of 5,000 sailors and pilots will certainly enjoy their visit to Homer's wine-dark sea.  And it's visit will supply the Russyan naval squadron an oppotunity to see a "real' Naval task force in action, just don't get too close, Vladimir.

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