Thursday, March 29, 2018

US Treasury Department Readies Action on Chinese Investments

       Using a law that is designed to protect the US in times of national emergencies, the Treasury Dept. will us it to curtail Chinese purchase of strategic industries, companies, and products deemed to be part of the national security of the USA.  Included will be an array of technologies that have been mentioned as likely subjects to the new action.  Broadly speaking, the tech sector will be the most prominent area of action.   Beyond that, other areas will include energy, mineral resources, and various industries related to national defense.
      This has been talked about for a number of years, and has now come to pass after the Trump White House has seen fit to do the leg work.  The US Chamber of Commerce has been lobbying for years on this issue and its Executive Vice president just recently spoke on the issue, but also warned that it could go too far.
   We'll see how far it goes, if at all.

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