Friday, March 9, 2018

Boris Johnson and Russya

     So, the Foreign Secretary of the UK comes out threatening sanctions against the Red Menace of the East.  Well, well.  Has anybody told him how many Russyans live and hide in the UK?  Apparently, he has overlooked this minor inconvenience.  As PM Theresa May tries to engineer a BREXIT from the EU, this situation does not help as it exposes the vulnerability of an isolated Great Britain.
      The long arm of the Kremlin and its minions knows no boundaries today.  Be it agents on the move or hackers on the net, Russyans are continuing their role as the international pariah that has been its character for 100 years and more.  It seems to even the most casual observers that Russya cannot, will not, does not function in the modern world in any acceptable manner or fashion.   The root of this problem is deep and strong, owing to a self perception that has caused the Russyan government grief since the time of czars.
      When a country sends agents abroad to assassinate former citizens, it crosses all conventional methods of dealing with dissenters and former citizens.  Great Britain, like its cousins in North America, has provided refuge for Russyan citizens for decades, offering protections not found in other places(distance help).   It is a given that the Kremlin resents the Queen for providing this safe haven, but no doubt this legal position is not recognized by the Kremlin and its occupants.
     The world cannot accept such behavior, and will not.  Sanctions are already in place for other offenses(Crimea, UKRAINE, Olympics).  I suspect that the World Cup and F.I.F.A. will pull out before the tournament begins.  Then what, Mr. Putin?  Tears?

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