Monday, December 11, 2017

Alabama Election Tomorrow: Dec.13

      Well, voters will go to the polls tomorrow to vote for a replacement for the seat vacated by former Sen. Jeff Sessions.  The two candidates are Doug Jones(D), and Roy Moore(R).  Currently, Mr. Jones is leading in polls by 10%.  Perhaps a Democrat will be elected for the first time in the state in over 40 years.   Can it Happen?  Res. Trump sent out a robo call in support.  Former President. Obama put out a call in support of Jones.
      The margin of control could come down to 1 in the Senate and given the state of affairs in the Senate chambers, this seat could change everything for the republican party's control in Congress.   The unseemly behavior pattern of Roy Moore in his past serves as a warning to all other candidates:  nothing is forgiven, nothing is forgotten, and you own your past and everything in it.  It's bad enough that candidate Moore was removed from the State Supreme Court for his behavior, but his inability to confront his misdeeds is troubling to all the citizens of Alabama.  Hopefully, a light will come on in the state's polling booths and Jones will win the seat.

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