Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Space X Rocket on the Launch Pad

       Well, Musk-Man(Elon Musk), has his reputation on the line again this morning.  He is launching the the Falcon Heavy rocket with a test payload to verify all the design factors that have contributed to the vehicle.  It is the largest of his rockets to date and is designed to deliver a 70 ton payload.  It is similar to the Falcon 9, first launched in 2010.   This model adds two rocket booster engines attached at the sides(see diagram).
Falcon Heavy-red label 70m Tall

      Depending on the weather today, Tuesday, February 6, 2018, the exact time of liftoff will occur in early afternoon.   The test specifics include an effort to have the rocket boosters return to be reused, thereby saving huge amounts of investment dollars.  These booster motors don't have nose cones and their performance is questionable on the return.  Engineers will also be looking for minor glitches that can be fixed before the next launch(s).   It is noted that a Tesla roadster will be on board as a mock payload.   The rocket motor and boosters are designed to return and land vertically to ensure viability of the vehicle's future.   Some experts predict a last minute postponement due to the complexity of the various new system on board.
     Good luck, Elon.

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