Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Space Ex Success

      The tension in Florida was heavy as visitors waited for lift off of the Falcon Heavy.  But all went well and the launch was an unqualified success.  The two booster engines landed upright as planned and the Tesla roadster is now in orbit and will end up near Mars in the distant future.  Skeptics were silent as Elon Musk touted his space business and it s future.  More launches are planned and buyers of his services are lining up.  Could be the world has a new idol to follow-a new "rock star" like Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber or Just In Time.
     Jeff Bezos will also take note and push his space company to get the lead out.  NASA will also take note as to how inexpensive the Musk effort was compared to their costly efforts over the years.  A new urgency has opened the space program due to the Musk dream and Musk effort to reduce costs and provide a new guideline for exploration.  The talk of a new lunar colony is on the lips of many scientists and dreamers.  mars could be on the table within 5 years.
     Tourists could be going around the moon by next year.  It could be you.

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