Friday, January 26, 2018

Lula Conviction Upheld in Brazil

   The former president of Brazil, Lula de Silva, had his conviction on corruption charges upheld by an appeals court in Brasilia, the capitol city.  His supporters vowed an appeal to the Supreme Court immediately following the news.  Given that an election will be held this year to replace interim president Temer( also the target of an investigation), it is unlikely Mr. de Silva will prevail as a viable candidate.  His Labor Party support seems to think that he will somehow be found not guilty.  This is wishful thinking on their part.  Mr. de SIlva was caught in the net of the "Car Wash" investigation that has ensnared over 100 law makers and elected officials in addition to members of the Oderbrecht Construction Company.
      Mr. de Silva remains popular among lower class workers, especially in Sao Paolo.  Many voters believe it is past time for him, having already served two terms as president and essentially handpicking his successor, Dilma Rousseff, who was impeached last year.  A photo of the two recently has them embracing as old comrades who served the country.
      The Supreme Court may choose not to hear the case.  Observers around Latin America will be watching closely on developments in the largest country in South America and its largest economy.

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