Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trouble Down South: II

      Tomorrow an appeals court in Brasilia, capitol of Brazil, will rule on whether former president Inazio Luis Lula de Silva's conviction for corruption and his 10 year jail sentence(house arrest) will stand.  Certainly, he hopes that it will not so he can then run for president again.  Should he lose on appeal, he will take the appeal to the Supreme Court for a ruling.  He is currently the front runner, and the 72year old former labor party founder hopes to regain lost power and prestige of high office.
       His case is the result of the "Car Wash" investigation that has brought numerous politicians and businessmen throughout Brasil and its neighbors to trial that sent many to prison.  All this happened while former President Dilma Rousseff was brought down when she was found to have violated the constitution when she moved funds around to cover severe financial losses in government.  She had been Lula's hand -picked successor.
      Serious crime continues to plague the largest cities in Brazil, including the coastal city of Rio de Janiero.
      Tomorrow's decision is eagerly awaited by our Minister of Latin American Affairs.

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