Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day Weekend-2017

      So, here we are: the end of Summer.  The heat index is crazy high as records fall all over the state.  Even the cooling fog has evaded San Francisco where a record temp of 106 degrees was posted on Friday.  My, my.  Still happy we're not in Texas where the clean up from Hurricane Harvey will begin.  The long, sad process will consume billions and take years of intense effort.   The emotional scars among the populous will last a lot longer.

New Business in town
      Tahoma welcomes "The Farmhouse" gardening supplies and plants on Highway 89 in the Cut Rite building just south of 'downtown.'  Proprietors offer a variety of hardware and other needs for the home gardener.   An open house began Saturday morning and customers arrived shortly after 9am to check out the new enterprise.  Best of luck.

Old Business Retires
      Our local prime source of everything good is closing its doors.  The PDQ Market, a local fixture for a generation is turning out the lights.   Due to various expensive upgrades required by Placer County, the owners could no longer continue given the seasonality of the business.  With an abbreviated summer season of barely 2 months, local retailers are finding it very difficult to continue.  Finding customers is hard enough, but when hired help can't be found, then things get even more so.
    We'll miss the deli sandwiches, the selection of all kinds of beverages, fresh produce, household needs, and all cold case items, too.
    The building owners have advised that a new company will be taking over after structural improvements are completed and code requirements are satisfied.
West Shore Pizza
     New hours: starting Monday, the pizza palace will be closing at 9 pm.

Where We Met Espresso will maintain its current schedule, pending seasonal changes as fall hours/days shorten before winter.

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