Friday, September 29, 2017

I Mean It-Really

      Have you noticed the prevalence of the phrase "I mean"?  It has replaced every other American cliche' known to man.  Sadly it pervades all forms of spoken communication.  All professionals, talking heads, newsies, preachers, teachers, and those who should know better.  I've taken it upon myself as Mayor of Tahoma to eradicate this catch all phrase as it indicates a pervasive lack of attention to the spoken word as we knew it.
      It is as though we as a society must underline all statements made in whatever context we are communicating; what ever circumstance surrounds our speech; and no matter how high or how low the environment.
     I mean-really; how could this happen?  Think about it, I mean something has gone wrong with our brains.  Remember when we used to speak without cliches'?  I mean there was a time when we didn't have to clarify every little statement no matter how mundane.   Now we must emphasize all our spoken efforts.  I mean it's ridiculous.
    Today's lesson No. 1
     Focus on the phrase throughout the day in all forms of communication and all media that one is exposed to during the day.   Report back ASAP.
More tomorrow on this problem that has taken America by storm.

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