Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Burning Man: 2017

     The burners have landed.  That is, those attending the 2017 Burning Man Festival in the Blackrock Desert have arrived in numbers(50,000).  The playa has been the scene of the annual encampment for decades.  The art and culture event is a unique happening, bringing together an eclectic grouping of artists, musicians, and culture vultures.  The weather will be hot and dry: just the way they like it.
      The temporary airport will be the scene of much coming and going as well to do attendees arrive in private aircraft at the FAA -certified strip.   Soon this site might be replaced by a nearby location that will house the permanent Burning Man art displays and artifacts from the annual festivals.
Check out all the various related web sites.  the city of Reno is the unofficial burner jump off spot as many supplies are needed due to the fact nothing is available on site: all must be brought along with you.
     Good luck burners.  More than a few Lake Tahoe locals will be in attendance: our own Miss Tahoma.
Tahoe City Fish sculpture

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