Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New York City: Trouble Underground

       We Californians don't know the experience of 6.5 million New York City subway riders.  We have our own issues with traffic on the 'freeways' as we commute to the job site.   In NYC, the nightmare occurs in the subway: the filthy, crowded, undependable public transportation system that has almost completely collapsed into total failure.  Governor Cuomo in Albany blames the City  and its mayor for the collapse.  The Mayor, Mr. DeBlasio, points the finger at Cuomo.   Result: no change, no plan, no relief for the daily straphangars.   How sad!
      Where's Michael Bloomberg?  The former mayor and billionaire: he's gone, not to be seen or heard from again.  But didn't he have the same issues while in Office?  Yes,, but he, like Democrats everywhere, kicked the can down the road.  "Let my successor handle it".
     A recent fire on the tracks(debris collected there catches fire for unknown reasons).   This shut down the system and compounded already delayed arrivals.   What a 'nightmare'.  The hot and sweaty passengers only can shake their collective heads and hope for the future.   This is what happens when those in positions of management shirk their duty and pass the buck.   Sad, really, but predictable.
     Yes, predictable.  If one doesn't pay for upkeep and maintenance, this is what you get:system failure.  Mr. DeBlasio's solution: what else?  Tax the rich.  Which usually means the middle class will get the bill, again.   $15 billion for a new tunnel?  Let the rich pay for it.
     Where are the civic leaders?  Where are the titans of industry(banking) all of whom make hay in NYC?   Why, they are too busy making deals on Wall St. and its environs.  Too bad, as they will be seriously affected by lack of subway service when they return from their vacation house in the Hamptons.
     Happy Summer Knickerbockers.

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