Friday, August 4, 2017

Name of Street Irks Chinese

      A bill to rename the street in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, has caused the Chinese government to make a statement indicating their displeasure.   The Street would be renamed Liu Xiaobo, after the recently died democracy advocate in China where he had been imprisoned for 8 years because of his political stance opposing the Chinese government.  His widow is currently being kept under arrest in an unnamed location.
     Supporters of the widow want to keep up pressure on the Communist government to release her so she can leave the country and spend the rest of her days without the harassment of her goverment tormentors.   Changing the street name in a major city has costs.  Perhaps the Trump administration will send the bill to the Chinese government in the same vein that he asks Mexico to pay for a border wall down south.
      His widow, Liu Xia, 56 years old, is also a poet and an artist and photographer.  Where is she?  Who is keeping her under guard?   Hmmmm.  Same old Communists in Peiping.

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