Thursday, May 4, 2017

Oscar Munoz: Grinch

       The head of United Continental Airlines faced off with Congress this week to answer a few questions.  "Sir, how did this incident happen?   Well, we failed our clients in a big way.
     Maybe the merger of United and Continental was not so good for the average Joe and average Jane.  It's not enough that the airline shrinks the seats, tightens the legroom, charges for changing flights,  charges for luggage, charges for lunch;  charges for everything.  And then, drags your sorry butt off the plane and gives you a concussion, no extra charge.
       Oscar: Say it isn't so.  But alas, the Washington Dog and Pony Show continues.  Were not these same politicians the very same who approved of the merger(s) of most of the airlines so that each of the few remaining have total and complete monopolies on all their routes; and in combination of Big Data, know exactly what they need to fill each flight all the time.  When was the last time you flew on a flight that wasn't full?  20 years ago, maybe?
      It's really disgusting to think of the flying experience of some years ago, when it was fun.  Now, it's a major headache, all the time.  Starting at the entrance to the airport, through security, then check-in, then the boarding nightmare.  What a disgusting experience.  Being treated not like paying customers, but treated like cattle.
     Oscar Munoz, the $6 million dollar man(heart transplant patient that he is) should retire.  Or the Board of Directors should show him the door.  A Chimp could make money in this economic period.  Fuel costs are down and fees are up and going up, up, and up some more.   Time for a passenger revolt.   Forget miles; who needs them; who cares?  Mileage Plus Program: What a fraud.  Use their credit card?  I wouldn't use their card to buy a candy bar.
    Oscar: go home.

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