Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Goodbye, Mr. James Comey

      Well, it took awhile, but the USA's premier spoiler/liar, James Comey, Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI), is out of a job.   On the recommendation of Attorney General jeff Sessions, pres. Trump sacked the career law enforcement agent, sending him into early retirement.
The groundswell of protest against his role at the FBI was too much even for the Donald.  The press' relentless pursuit of Mr. Comey and the numerous revelations pertaining to his many statements and their timing was just more than a rational human being(or irrational, makes no difference) could take.
      Mr. Comey was sunk by his own lies and his own attempts at coverup.  How sad.  For a career law enforcement agent to sink himself in this fashion is hardly a new item in Washington.  But the head of the FBI?   That's something different.   The self righteous dirt ball  could not get the stains off his own hands.   What was he thinking?  If anything?   I guess we'll have to wait for the memoir.   I can wait.
      Who will replace him?  What about all the other investigations ongoing?  Hmmm.  No doubt his ouster was most important.   Maybe the Russians were ready to reveal some dirt.  You know how they are: red.   Mike Flynn, already sacked, was, according to former Asst.  White House counsel, Yates, vulnerable to blackmail for telling/talking to Russian diplomats.   Hmm.  Must be in the water.
      The replacement will come from the inside, of course.   Why rock a leaky, tippy boat?   Some long term agent w/o a past will be seated temporarily, just to keep the FBI on track.  Then, the real fun begins-- the search for an acceptable dude to go in and clean house.   
Good luck.


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