Thursday, May 4, 2017

France to Vote: Frenchmen Given Clear Choices

        Voters: Man your ballots; It's Showtime.   The French runoff election will take place this Sunday between the two top seeded candidates:   La Pen v. Macron.  While it's not a Brexit vote, it might as well be one.  Ms. La Pen, the right of right candidate espouses France for the French,or some such philosophy.  Mr. Macron, wants to expand domestic opportunity and connect with the rest of Europe and the world.   What does France want to do these days?  Can the desires of a nation be reflected in a popular election for a national leader?  ( Please, don't look at the USA as an example of this or that election result).
       There is turmoil across many locales in Europe today, not the least France.  The refugee crisis has touched entire countries from the Mediterranean shores to the Upper Baltic states.  Thousands have died in the attempt to find a refuge.   War torn regions have been the sources of these refugees.  With few options, they go to peaceful places:  Europe.
      How many go to Russya?   3 or 4?   How many are going to China?  None.   How about Nigeria?  None.  India: 2.  No doubt some of the refugees can read.
      We will know by Sunday night what the results look like.  Even if Mr. Macron should win, the fact that he was opposed by a representative of the far right should give the nation pause.   As it should.

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