Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial day: 2017

        Tomorrow, Monday, May 29th, is Memorial Day.  It is a day of reflection and a day of remembering those who gave all for their country.  The day was named and put in place in 1971 by then Pres. Richard Nixon.  One of the few things he did well during his abbreviated stay on Pennsylvania Ave.   He did this to replace what had been called since the Civil War Decoration Day, which was placed to observe the great sacrifice of those who died in that conflict in 1861-1865. 
       As we continue to bury the dead from Iraq and Afghanistan,  the Day has immediate meaning to the many families who are directly affected by the conflicts.  The toll keeps increasing as time rolls on.  For many years the war in Vietnam was our "longest" war, 10 years long.  But it seems that endless war is the new norm.  These conflicts appear to be without resolution of any sort.   Questions are asked: "What are the goals?, Who are we supporting,today?, Are the troops well placed and effective in their mission(s)?  Military leaders offer little in concrete responses; politicians the same.
      On a day when we remember the sacrifices of the few, we should continue our quest for answers, starting with;" Why now, and why there?"
      Memorial Day: Lest we forget.

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