Thursday, March 30, 2017

Two Rats Meet to Discuss Rat Traps

      Don't you just love Geopolitics?  What else explains the meeting of two despised personalities who have managed to insert themselves among their cultural scenes as the leaders they've all been waiting for?   So, we have Mad Vlad Vladimirovich Putin, premier of Russya, the largest country in the world, meeting with President Rouhani of Iran, clearly, the lead despot of the Arab world, and stake holder No. 1 in the world of international terrorism and nuclear blackmail.  These two rats,(no offense to traditional vermin) will no doubt work on some mutually beneficial activities that they both hope will thwart the West's attempt to settle the landscape of Syria, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey.   All the players across this vast desert have been unable to bring peace in any form to its inhabitants.   Millions of desperate refugees, fleeing the war torn area, have embarked on perilous journeys, exposing themselves to every torment, every slight, every disease, every pirate, and every whim of Mother nature as they seek a safe haven.  Do they go to Russya?  No.  Do they seek China? No.   Do they go to Egypt? No.  How about Equatorial Africa?  No, again.  They want peace and hope with the possibility of a future.  They go west, to Europe and its peaceful environment(s).   The Europe of 2016-17 strains under the burden as Bashar al-Assad continues to murder his own with the help of Russya and Iran.
Rats.  That's all they are:  Rats.  With turbans and neckties.

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