Wednesday, March 22, 2017

April 6, 1917: Centennial of US Involvement in WW I

    In about two weeks, when April 6th rolls around, the US will mark 100 years since we joined the Allies in Europe to defend the West against German aggression.  The war had been raging for several years already and it seemed that the Germans were on the threshold of victory over Great Britain, France, Italy, and Russia.  The isolationist movement had kept Woodrow Wilson from committing any troops to the effort.   But with violations of neutrality becoming routine, the President felt it was time to act.
     So,  2,810, 296  draftees were called up to serve in the armed forces, 73% in the Army.  Total served: 4,734,991(46% served overseas).   As the country begins to commemorate the service of men(and women) who participated at the time, various service organizations are contributing time and money to the effort.   Yes, it was along time ago.   Yes, much has happened to the world since.  But let us not forget the sacrifices of the few who not only served, but perished in a faraway place.
There is much statistical evidence of what the cost was in terms of lives lost among the casualties, and those lives forever altered either by being among the wounded or being among the survivors who would never forget.
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