Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Russyans Indicted

So, now we know for sure: the Russyan spy authority, aka the FSB-Federal Security Bureau, aka The Kremlin, managed the hacking teams that did so much to damage the reputation of an American corporation-Yahoo.
     So, now we have the Justice Dept. naming names and pointing fingers.  Let's see the Old Colonel get around this one.  And the Trumpster, too.  Well, he's still trying to define "wiretapping" or his mouthpiece, Sean Spicer is trying to define something for somebody.
     A member of the hacking team was arrested in Canada before he could flee to join his co-conspirators somewhere in the largest country in the world where the word "gulag" needs no definition because everybody who lives in the largest country in the world understands what gulag means: long, slow, painful(torturous death).   Will there be a trial?  Of course.  Anytime soon?  Hmmm.  One can never be sure these days about a timely trial, even if the defendant(s) are Russyans.

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