Saturday, May 21, 2016

Snow, Again

     Well, children, it's snowing outside.  Where's the snow blower?  Who took the chains off the tires and hid them?   Why snow in late May?   What's going on?  Global warming?  Global cooling?  Global snowing?  Is it the Russyans again?  Where's Mr. Putin this weekend?
     Is this an early winter?   Hmmmm.   White Memorial day?  Oh, Please, no!
Drive carefully this weekend. Plan your trips.   Be safe.  Summer is just around the corner(1 month away).
     Squaw Valley Resort is the last ski slope standing this season.  Still open for business at High Camp, the Sierra site remains an attractive destination for 2016 season skiers.  The resort will stay open through the Memorial day weekend.  This is the longest season in 10 years.  Good for local businesses and the local work force.  This economy gives some hope to those drought stricken businesses.

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