Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mr. Putin Goes to Greece

      Mr. Vlad Putin traipsed on down to the Med to see his bosom pal, Alex Tsipiras, PM of Greece.  Greece has been getting more ink these days as it again is the focus of financial efforts by the EU to fix this intractable problem.  Think of it: here we have a bankrupt nation, a member in Good(?) standing in the EU; a center of refugees fleeing Syria and Afghanistan; a population adrift with varying degrees of despair and hopelessness-10 million citizens with a bleak future; and now sending back the very refugees that landed on their shores.
     And now, the Mad Russyan comes calling.  No doubt, it's a finger in the eye of Angela Merkel of Germany, and David Cameron of the U.K., and Francois Hollande of France.  Mr. Tsipiras, the far left leaning politico, hopes to get some help from the economically depressed Russyan state.  Good luck with that, Alex.  Mr. Putin arrives with empty pockets.  Yes, the price of oil has rebounded back up to $50/barrel.  This means the national recession will ease somewhat.  But it will not go away anytime soon.   Mr. Putin had made commitments in Syria with troops and equipment on the ground.  He can realistically offer very little to the Greeks.  It's a show in Athens for the IMF and the rest of the EU.
As summer of 2016 fast approaches with its long days and short nights, the world is watching for some changes.  Don't hold your breath.

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