Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Russyan Boxer Declared Ineligible for Title Bout

      Well, well, well.  Another Russyan athlete found to be "dirty"- that is, polluted with performance enhancing drugs.   As his American opponent was prepared to leave for Moscova and his appointment with fame and fortune, boxing authorities announced that Alexander Povetkin, the WBC's top-ranked heavy weight,  had tested positive for meldonium, a banned drug. (remember the Sharapova excuse?)  How sad.
     Can the Russyans compete on a level playing field anywhere?  Are they culturally disposed to cheat?  How desperate is Mr. Putin for a title?  Hmmm.  How will this play out when the I.O.C. decides if the Russyan track and field team should be allowed to compete in Rio later this summer?
     I believe the Russyans will only learn if they are banned from international competitions completely, in all sports.  Amateurs and professionals alike.  In Rio, Brazilian officials built a $60 million dollar drug testing lab to replace its older facility.  Maybe they will revise those plans after the Russyan lab director at the Sochi Games admitted rigging all the Russyan team urine samples.  Maybe they will have to have glass walls; 24 hour a day cameras focused on everything.  The samples will be kept for 10 years.  Do we want to wait another 10 years to find out the team from the largest country in the world was largely dirty during the competition?  Have the athletes from Russya have no shame?  Apparently, not.
       Are the citizens ashamed of their team's behavior?  Who would speak out?  Nobody.  Maybe the American boxer, Deontay Wilder will speak out.

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