Monday, May 16, 2016

Mato Grosso do Sul and the Pantanal

tapir-400+lbs and friend
     Where is wildlife to be seen in Brazil?  The Pantanal.  Where is the Pantanal?  In Mato Grosso do Sul, a southern Brazilian state that shares a border with Paraguay and Bolivia.  It lies west of Sao Paolo state, and south of Mato Grosso and Goias states.  The defining boundary on the east side is the Rio Parana'.   Some geographers refer to the area as a "mesopotamia" region, or the land between the rivers(referring to the better known region in the Middle east).
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     Our list of animals spotted during the trip to the Pantanal: 1. caiman
2. giant anteater(2)
3. macaws
4. toucans
5. capuchin monkey
6. boa constrictor
7. anaconda
8. armadillo
9. assorted parrots
10. tapir
11. brahma cattle
      All these creatures were spotted easily in the course of the visit.  All were seen within close proximity to locations visited by small numbers of tourists.  According to the locals, more wild life can be seen here than in the Amazon region, given the dense jungle of the Amazon River and its region.
      The regional town close to the river Parana' is Bonito.  The town has been an agricultural center for generations with local farmers providing a supporting population.  Crops developed nearby include corn, soybeans, and fodder for the vast herds of cattle, most often brahma cattle.   Bonito now is home to a thriving tourist trade.  The prevalence of animal life and features of the landscape make it an ideal destination for curious travelers willing to get out of Rio and Sao Paolo.   Caverns recently discovered by locals exist as a result of limestone formations and seasonal rains.   Natural springs provide habitat and clean water for animal life.   In 2010, the state governor, Mr. Puccinelli, and President Luis Da Silva helped finance a central town development renewal, paving streets, redirecting traffic, and making the streets user friendly.  All these assets have contributed to investment in hospitality business: hotels and restaurants are still a building.

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