Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Louisiana Gas Makes It to Poland

    Who built the pipeline from Houma, LA to Gdansk?  It seems like an impossible feat.  But wait.  Did it really happen?  Well, not exactly.  Poland has been searching for an alternative to Russyan energy suppliers.  As a significant consumer of all Russyan  energy market components, Poles have felt that they were under political pressure to pay more than markets dictated, given their dependency.  So, Poles looked for alternatives, realistic and dependable.  Where else than the good old U.S. of A?  America has become a net exporter of energy.  After years of being an importer dependent on the Middle East, fracking has turned the tables on imports.
     During the Obama administration, the rules were changed to allow export of oil and gas.   Energy companies were quick to jump in, despite possibilities of markets being upended by the entry of new products on the world stage.   However, companies saw a need to offer products to compete with those sources that had a lock on certain energy-dependent countries.   Poland was one of the first to tap this new source.   The gas came not via a pipeline, per say, but a maritime pipeline in the form of LNG ships, delivering natural gas in the form of liquid petroleum gas.   Ahh, thank you to our technicians and oil industry experts who put all this together.  Now Russya will be more respectful of Polish consumers and Polish utility companies that can now buy product at reasonable market prices without the heavy-handedness of their eastern neighbors(Kremlin).
       Too bad for you, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, 17 years the dictator of the largest country in the world.
     Have a nice day.

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