Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two Parisiennes in Tahoma

       Well, it's summer and Tahoma is a visitor's paradise: sun, water, mountains, not too crowded, pleasant nights.   So, as Tahomans, we expect to meet visitors from all over the world who have read about our magnificent alpine setting and all its amenities.
       While in the office(IFO, actually), I met two lovely visitors who were stopping for an espresso at our local coffee port: Where We Met.  Rafaelle and Oriane are on a cross country driving tour of the entire USA!  What ambition!  What luxury!  How European!   They have started their odyssey on the East Coast and have been crisscrossing the  continent, checking out this great continent east -to-west.
     They are heading south today to San Francisco, the City they have only read and heard about.  The Mayor was able to give them lots of tips on their impending visit.  They were looking for an economical hotel/motel/hostel, but agreed that prices were high.  I suggested they stay on the fringe, perhaps in Marin county where they could find a decent motel near the Golden Gate ferry and use the boat to go to and from the city.  They are driving a Subaru so can get around easier than those w/o a car.
        I offered to give them some Sonoma county Pinot that I had bottled 2 years ago, and they came to the house to meet the deputy Mayor and enjoy a little Lake Tahoe hospitality.   They marveled at the lake Sotto Mare ristorante where fresh fish is the favorite choice.  They in turn, suggested I try "La Pharmacie" when I next visit Paris.   I certainly will.
Eagle Falls at Emerald Bay
view from the deck and were most appreciative of the wine.  I also suggested they forego Napa Valley for the Russian River area: less crowded, better wine, better prices.   I also suggested they visit North Beach in the City, perhaps also to enjoy a meal at Rich Azzolino's
      They departed the neighborhood with wine in their bag, south bound to the City by the Bay, smiling as they expressed the thought that Americans continue to impress them wherever they stop to visit.
     Viva La France.

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