Friday, June 23, 2017

Nanacy Pelosi: Its Time

       Grandma Pelosi, the old Democratic Bag of the Congress, was sputtering in her speech after the defeat of the Democratic candidate in Georgia,  Mr. Ossoff.  The 30 year old lost to a Republican woman candidate.  It was the most expensive race for Congress in history, with more than $50 millions spent in total.   Mr. Ossoff's campaign spent the most, over $32.2 millions.  The Democrats are scratching their little heads, asking "How can we win elections?  Why did we lose this after spending all that money?  Some in the party are pointing fingers at Ms. Pelosi.  Her leadership of the minority members of the House is being called into question.   It was a "no brainer" for local Republicans to link Mr. Ossoff to Ms. Pelosi and her liberal San Francisco roots. It is like putting a bullseye on the broadside of a barn-easy peasy.
       Unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi and Co., having California roots only serves to underscore the separation between  the coasts and everything and everybody in between those coasts.   And the taxes collected in California aren't enough, according to Jerry Brown.    It's a problem for the Democrats and no one in the Party has been able to find a solution.  Hoping for a turn around in midterm elections in 2018 remains to be a high wall to overcome.   New leadership is a must.  The Party needs a vision that can reach out to voters who will respond positively.   It won't happen when people like Pelosi and Sanders seem to be the only leaders available.
     Dianne Feinstein can help.  She should lead Nanacy to the exit and send her home with accolades and a nice pension.   Barbara Boxer did it.   Maybe Bill Clinton should help out.  The old war horse could influence party leaders to make the move.  Will he do it?  Good question and highly unlikely as he helps his wife deal with her demons.

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