Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tahoe Lake Level Up

      Recent storms have pushed the lake level at Tahoe City above the natural rim.  As of this week, the level sits at about 6223' or 1' foot above the rim.  Hydrologists put up the figure of 8.9 billion gallons of water added to the lake just in the last week.   Since January 1, the amount is close to 5 times that amount.  It appears likely that 2017  will be a wet year for the Sierra in general and the lake in particular.  That's good news for all, especially in Tahoma where residents depend on the lake for everything.
       Now don't forget the skiing.  Nice powder can be found-in your driveway.  Well, yea.  But the slopes are also covered with blankets of fresh powder.  It might be the heavy, California version, but we'll take it, nonetheless.  As long as one can get to the slopes, the effort is worth it.   Get a hot wax job first to ensure a smooth ride down the hill.
      The State Water Resources Agency reports that the water temperature at General Creek(Sugar Pine Point Park) is 0.3 degrees C.  , or almost zero, or almost freezing.  Seems like it's normal there, again.   Need some ice?

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