Monday, February 6, 2017

S-U-P-E-R Bowl 2017 -L I(51)

     Well, the NFL is happy.  Over 113 million viewers watched a game they could only dream of: a nail biter.  The first overtime game in Super Bowl history(51 years of bowls).  The game had lots going for it:  a perennial favorite versus a newcomer upstart.  That is: the New England Patriots with veteran Tom Brady behind center versus the Atlanta Falcons with Matt Ryan at quarterback.  Both had come off good seasons with impressive records in all categories.  Yes, they are different teams, but well matched and well coached.  But, with these contests, one can never be sure of the outcome or the manner of victory.  All these unknowns add to an enticing matchup.  And, for your halftime entertainment, we have Lady Gaga and her troupe to keep you focused(on whatever).
     So, the first quarter 0-0.  Hmmm, not very auspicious.  Then, Atlanta breaks the game open:  turnover, touchdown.  Determined drive: touchdown.  Then, New England, field goal.  Then, a strong Atlanta drive: touchdown.  Before you know it, the score reads 25-3, Atlanta.  After another field goal, it's 28-3.   And, much to the surprise of Atlanta and New England both, that was the end of scoring for Atlanta.  
     The long comeback began slowly, with the Pats first touchdown late in the 3rd quarter.  Then after 3 and out by Atlanta, another long, tough drive by the Pats:touchdown, missed point after: 28-20.  Another missed opportunity by Atlanta gave the ball to New England and with 3 minutes to go, the Tom Brady-led team rolled down toward the goal line.  With 3 key penalties against the Falcons, the Bostonian faves did the impossible and tied the game 28-28.  Overtime: new territory.
      New England won the toss and elected to receive.  With steady effort, they marched relentlessly toward the end zone where they scored the winning touchdown, sending the entire East Coast into a state of euphoria.   Poor Matt Ryan, he never got to touch the football in the overtime.   The Atlanta defense, much vaunted as the best, could not hold the New England steamroller.   It was meant to be. 

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