Sunday, April 23, 2017

Venezuela: Getting a Bit Rough

      Need to buy a Chevy?   Well, it will be a lot harder in Nicolas Maduro's Venezuela.  He decided to seize GM's automobile plant last week for several fake reasons, mostly known only to him.  GM followed the action with its own decision: it will close the operation and lay off the 2700 employees.  America's largest auto manufacturer says they have been forced to cease operations because of the illegal seizure of its assets by the government.
      According to the NY Times, political tensions, corruption, high crime rates, a restrictive investment law and interruptions of electrical service have made doing business in Venezuela akin to running an obstacle course en route to bankruptcy.  Hmmm.  How long can the dictator survive before the military seizes control of the country and imposes martial law?   I would guess not much longer.   With starvation the new reality and gangs of thieves roaming freely about cities and towns, a refugee crisis is just around the corner.  What will the O.A.S. do to alleviate conditions that have been going on for years since the old dictator, Hugo Chavez croaked in 2013?   The O.A.S. has been around since 1889.  Maybe they can come up with a solution.  Maybe not.  Maybe the president in Ecuador will offer assistance; maybe not.  Maybe aid will come from Peru; no, not a chance.  Chile? Ha.  Bolivia?  More ha.
     So, the poor folks in Venezuela will suffer more deprivations; more indignities; more deaths as a result of a man whose idea of governance he probably read on a milk carton.

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